Australian founder and director of boutique tour company Quo Vadis Holidays, Tim Kozma developed a passion for photography in 1986 when, as a teenager, Halley’s Comet graced the night skies above us with it’s regular 76-year visit.

Always fascinated in astronomy, he borrowed his father’s Nikon photography case and, armed with a new reflector telescope, started to dabble in all things astrophotography. Far more misses than hits over the ensuing years with his photos. 

Many years later after working as an engineer for nigh on ten years, a long-term passion for snow-skiing led Tim to take a break in 1999 and begin a “4 month sabbatical” teaching skiing in the Austrian alps. That “short" sabbatical in fact turned into eight winters working in the stunning Tyrolean mountains which, in his second winter there, in turn lead to applying for and being accepted into the role as a Tour Manager for Contiki Holidays. This would involve leading groups of up to fifty 18-35s on two to five week whirlwind trips around Europe. 

His “just one season” on the road as a Tour Manager ended up becoming eight full summer seasons leading tours through most of Western Europe as well as regional specialty tours in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Scandinavia, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe. In his fifth year on his “sabbatical” from engineering Tim was invited into the role of Tour Director with the 4-5 star Insight Vacations, another arm of the Travel Corporation, largest tour operator in the world.


Successfully completing a myriad of group tours that included most of Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, and Central Europe, at the end of his 2008 season Tim decided it was finally time to return home to a "normal life" and an engineering consulting career. 

After two years back in Australia it was time to venture back to his true passion, leading groups through Europe. This time however it was time to venture out on his own and design tours that were more “user-friendly” for the guests. The founding of his boutique, small-group, 4-star tour company, Quo Vadis Holidays coincided with a renewed interest in photography whilst travelling to exotic locations around Europe.

With a passion to bring the world's many diverse cultural facets, spectacular landscapes, wildlife and architecture to life, Tim combines his passions for travel and dabbling in photography together into one.

As Tim readily admits, he's still learning what he’s doing (and not knowing half the time!), with the photography a natural extension of highlighting the wondrous beauty of all the places his adventures with Quo Vadis Holidays takes him and his guests to as well on his own adventures further afield.

“Hope you enjoy the sights of the spectacular places I travel to with Quo Vadis Holidays as well as on my own adventures both near and afar as seen through the lens of my cameras.” - Tim 

Tim Kozma

Director and Founder

Quo Vadis Holidays

Timothy L Kozma Photography